ISDN is a new IT technology. ISDN gives you faster internet connections, faster data transfer and smaller download times. And ISDN splits up your analog telephone line into two digital lines.

You can make 2 calls parallel, either with your phone, or with your modem. Your phone number won't be changed!


To make the best out of your ISDN line you need the right equipment.

Matycom is able to get you right connected. We offer 

  • Network Termination Unit (NT)

  • Terminaladapter a/b for analog equipment

  • ISDN modem for your computer


Most important is the Network Termination Unit (NT). It is connected to the public net and allows you to use your new ISDN connection.


In case you don't have a computer, but want to talk on two phones parallel on your one line, we can provide you with a Terminaladapter a/b, which provides you the two analog outlets you need.


In case you want to connect your computer and use your new ISDN connection for internet access, we can supply you the necessary modem.


We are looking forward to serving you.


ISDN Connection Diagram, we have all you need!

Ask us, you can't loose!





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