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In the age of communication it is very important for companies to handle incoming calls in a stable and professional way. We all know the big PC based auto attendant systems as used in really large companies. It will welcome you saying something like this:

"You have reached the XYZ company. Please call the desired extension number or wait for the operator."

Our auto attendants will do exactly the same with the same professionality. They will greet your customers and distribute the calls to the appropriate department. Should one of your employees be not available, there is still the possibility to leave a recorded message.

The only difference is the size of equipment. What we offer to you is the somewhat smaller stand alone version.

Allow us to present you with a small overview of the available models.


Voice Mail and Auto Attendant



Fonomail 2000

Fonomail 2000 Rack (19'')


Easy Mail


Fonomail Rack


Auto Attendant Fuction yes yes yes
Voice Mail Function yes yes yes
No. of Ports 1 -2 2 - 8 4 - 8
No. of Mailboxes up to 24 18 - 990 990
Recording Time 2 hours 2-2000 hours 2000 hours
Recording Medium flash memory flash/hard disk hard disk


Are you looking for something Smaller? Bigger? Or more Special? Please, let us know, and we will help you as well. We do offer special packages and services for resellers. If you are a reseller, contact us directly via email, fax or phone.


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