Network & Test Equipment


Did you ever have problems locating a small item for your net, and your whole project was on hold?


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Many useful items right ex warehous Egypt. Even if we don't have the item you need in stock, we will be able to get it for you suppliers in no time.


Cable Laying Equipment


Test Equipment


Terminal Block

Terminal Block with 

Over Voltage Protection


Distribution Block

Distribution Block with Overvoltage Protection



Distribution Cabinets

Terminal Strips

Distribution Cabinet

Terminal Strips

  • different sizes

  • indoor surface installation

  • with terminal strips 

  • LSA Plus 

  • screw/screw

  • Germany

  • LSA Plus

  • quick connect


  • Egypt

  • screw/screw


Distribution Boxes

10 Pair Distribution Box

6 Pair Distribution Box

  • Germany

  • 10 pairs 

  • indoor surface installation

  • Germany

  • 6 pairs 

  • indoor surface installation



Heat Shrinklable Closures

Conduit Snakes

Heat Shrinkable Closures

Conduit Snake

  • Different sizes 

  • For cables from 10-600 pairs

  • 250 m, 300 m, custom size 

  • diameter: 11 mm, fiberglass

  • with or without storage reels


Cable and Line Grips


Cable Grip


  • different sizes

  • different sizes




Vetter GmbH, Germany

Plumettaz, Switzerland

  • Germany

  • Cable and Pipe Laying Equipment

  • Cable and Rope Introducing Equipment

  • Cable and Line Grips

  • Equipment for Cable Trays

  • Cable Drum Equipment

  • Cable Transport and Winding Units

  • Switzerland 

  • Fiber Optic Cable Laying Equipment

  • Cablejet  for blowing in fiber cable

  • Superjet  for blowing in fiber cable

  • Cable Laying Machines

  • Cable Feeders

  • Capstan Winches

Blowing in Cables with Plumett Equipment!
Measuring WheelWinding UnitCable TrailerCapstan WinchCablejetSuperjetFigarO
Cable Laying can be so easy!




Telephone Cable

Diverse Cable

  • 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm

  • different colours

  • 1-200 pairs 

  • different manufacturers

  • coaxial, 50 Ohm + 75 Ohm

  • jellyfilled and others

  • computer cables



Test Equipment


Time Domain ReflectometerInsulation Tester


  • Insulation Tester

  • Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Cable Test Bridges

  • Pair Identifier

  • Technicians Headsets for Cable Testing

  • Combustible Gas Monitor

  • and others

  • UK

  • Analog Telephony Test Equipment

  • Ringing Gernerators

  • Feeding Bridges

  • Artifical Lines

  • Tone Generators

  • Exchange Simulators

  • and others

Technicians Headsets for Cable TestingCable Measurement Set Telephony Test Equipment


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