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System Overview



Hicom 150 EPABX

Hicom 150 is the ideal communication solution for the medium sized business. Many convenient features come as standard. They include Do-Not-Disturb, Call-Pickup, Override, Conference, Call Forwarding, Music on Hold, Night Service, Individual Code Lock, and many more.

Optional are custom tailored solutions for voice mail, call charging, call controll, networking, and even hotel applications.

Hicom 150 E supports from 2 to 380 users. Depending on Your communication needs you have the choice between different server models. After we have choosen the best model for your needs, a well reflected modular expansion system allows us to custom tailor your switch exactly for you. It will work with your ordinary analogue trunk line and telephone sets. But it will also support ISDN technology, multimedia conferencing, and video as well as the standard computer/telephony interfaces as TAPI, CAPI and CSTA.

So your switch is ready for the future anytime you desire.

Let's have a closer look at two of the models. The Hicom 150 Office Com and the Hicom 150 Office Pro.



Office Com

Office Pro

Hicom Office 150 series

Hicom 150 Com

Hicom 150 Pro

trunk lines:

max. 60

max. 120

analog users:

max. 84 

max. 384

digital users:

max. 48

max. 384

total users:

max. 156 

max. 384

analog and digital users combined

power supply:

AC 88-264V, 50/60 Hz, battery DC -48V


+5C to +40C

rel. humidity:



warm grey

ergo grey


450x460x200 mm

size: 490x410x390 mm


approx. 8 kg fully equipped

approx. 22 kg fully equipped


Your want to know more?


Please, contact us at any time and we will find the right solution for you.


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Digital Telephone Sets


System telephones from the optiset E family can be connected to all servers of the Hicom 150 series. 

They are designed to give quick and easy access to the many Hicom features and they can be easily adapted to the requirements of individual workstations. Features you need a lot can be assigned to feature keys. LEDs can give you an idea of activated features or busy lines. And additional terminals (e.g. PC, fax machines, telephones, headsets) can be easily connected directly at the workstation by simply plugging in different adapters from the underside of the telephone.

Thanks to interactive user guidance and acknowledged superior functionality, these system telephones offer significantly more than conventional telephones. And they even look good. They are available in the colours warm grey and black.

Have a look at the many features. And click on the pictures to see some more of the set.














Optiset Entry

Optiset Basic

Optiset Standard

Optiset Comfort

Optiset Memory

Feature keys with LED: 3 8 12 12 12
Open Listening: - yes yes yes yes
Handsfree Talking: - - yes yes yes
Apapter Plug-In Position: - 1 - 2 2
Display: - - 2x24 2x24 8x24
Menu: - - yes yes yes
Possibility of connecting optiset key module, max. 4 per telephone - - - yes yes


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Accessories & Special Applications


Have you notice the really big display of the optiset memory set? That's your Operator. It has a build-in Alpha keypad with integrated notebook function. You can type in easily names, phone number and addresses. And voila, here you have your directory, right at your fingertip. Search for names by using the initial letter, or just browse through your list, as you would do it on your mobile phone directory.

And if you want to have some more features at a touch of a key, you can connect up to 4 Optiset Key Modules, each gives you 16 more feature keys with LEDs. But maybe you would prefer to know, which lines and telephones are busy right now? Then the Siemens Hicom Attendant BLP Busy Lamp Panel would be your first choice. There you have 90 additional feature keys and LEDs.


Do have another look at your new Operator options!




AND up to 4 Key Modules OR up to two Busy Lamp Panels

Optiset Memory

Expansion ModuleExpansion ModuleExpansion ModuleExpansion Module Busy Lamp Panel


You could even connect 2 Key Modules AND a Busy Lamp Panel to your Operator. And with the Hicom Office Pro there is room for an additional second Busy Lamp Panel. So you will end up with 224 feature keys with LEDs. In combination with the build-in Alpha Keypad, your operator will be an excellent solution.


This is valid even for more elaborate business requirements as in the hotel field

Here Siemens offers optimized solutions beginning from the easy to use Caracas Desk, which is a desk solution with a Memory Reception telephone, up to the sophisticated PC-based Caracas Inn and Caracas Link. 

Thanks to  a great variety of adapters you can connect nearly every kind of additional equipment to your Optiset Telephone. Headset, Earphone, Microphone, Loudspeaker, an additional digital, analog or ISDN telephone set or a fax machine. The data adapter even allows to connect to a PC. And the Optiset IP adapter connects to a LAN network

Flexible Adapter System

Talking about LAN. The new Siemens product HiPath comes as a module which can be easily integrated into your Hicom 150 PABX, starting from version H. HiPath uses the Hicom system's LCR function for voice, fax and data communication. No external routers, no additional servers or ISDN PC cards are required for the LAN PCs, because router functionality, firewall functions and security protocols are already integrated.


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The Hicom E 150 family, is compatible with various types of terminals whether analog or digital or ISDN telephone sets, computers, faxes, door phones, Hicom cordless and radio base station. 




Hicom System Overview



As you can see you also have the choice to connect analog telephone sets to your Hicom 150 Office PABX. To have a look at a variety of Siemens analog telephone sets, go to:


Analog telephone sets


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