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Vidicode is an excellent European manufacturer located in The Netherlands near The Hague. Vidicode Call recorders are frequently used all over Europe as well as in many other countries all over the world. Among the customers are high level sectors as banks, security, police, emergency, ambulance, fire brigades, government, media, companies.

The customers record phone conversations, wireless conversations and even fax correspondence.

Such recordings are later used for proof, as a reminder or for control purposes.


All Vidicode Call Recorders are an excellent choice for you. Which model you should go for depends on your specific recording needs:

Allow us to present you with a small overview of the features of the available models.

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Digital Call Recorder

  Soft Call Recorder Feature phone 175  Quad  Quatro/Octo


(PRI / E 1

upon request)

VIDICODE Feature Phone 175 Quad Call Recorder Quatro/Octo ISDN Call Recorder
Capacity (maximum) 373 hour/GB 300 hours per CD 10350 hours 10350/13800 hours 10350/13800 hours
No. of Channels 1 1 4 4/8 2/4/8
Recording Interface analogue + handset analogue + 1 audio 4 x analogue 4/8 analogue + 4/8 audio 1-4 ISDN BRI
Loudspeaker Port - yes yes yes yes
Internal Speaker - yes yes yes yes
Microphone Port - yes yes yes yes
CD Burner - yes - optional -
CLID/CLIP - active passive active active
Interactive Display - backlit standard backlit standard
Extension START/STOP switch - - - yes -
Answering Machine - yes - - -
Monitoring Function - - yes yes yes
Network Connection - - 10 Mbps 10/100 Mbps 10 Mbps

For more technical specifications please click here.

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